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Amazon FBA: A Step-By-Step Instructions How to Find and Launch Your First Private-Label Product on Amazon in 3 Months or Less

Amazon FBA

A Step-By-Step Instructions How to Find and Launch Your First Private-Label Product on Amazon in 3 Months or Less

Are you seeking to start a side-gig that rakes you some money while providing you with the freedom to live your life in the literal and metaphorical sense? Are you unemployed and is finding it tough to make ends meet while it is even tougher to land yourself a job? A large portion of people are in debt and they do not know where they are going to source some money to pay it off while living, leave alone a comfortable life, an undisturbed life.

There is a way to make the extra cash and all you need is a keen eye and the desire to make money. This book will introduce you to the exciting frontier of Amazon FBA where you can sell your private branded products without as much as “getting your hands dirty”. With dirty work here, I mean you have someone else making the product, shipping it to your customer and even doing the marketing for you. So you essentially let Amazon do what they are good at and you become their partner in business.

This is not about a get rich quick scheme. You need a very keen eye and do some due diligence. If you do it right, you will be selling your own private branded products through the Amazon FBA and reaping the rewards. You do not need to be tech savvy but only smart, smart enough to be successful. This book will give you some of the secrets to achieving this in a succinct manner. Take your time as I take you through:
• Opening an Amazon Seller account
• Smart ways to determine the product you are going to sell
• Finding good and credible suppliers
• Freight Forwarding and Transportation
• Setting up on Amazon and finding customers.

There are many more tips for you as a beginner!

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Merch Life: An Introduction to Using Merch By Amazon to Design Shirts and Make Money

Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s newest platform and it allows ANYONE to create print-on-demand t-shirts! All you need is an image, a little understanding of their platform, and you’ll have your shirts available for sale on Amazon.com. Shirts are printed on demand which means that there is never any cost to you! You upload the image, you set the price (which sets your royalty), and Amazon will do the rest. You can make shirts with keywords and capitalize on pop-culture trends, or promote your shirts and send targeted traffic to Amazon. When your shirts sell, Amazon will make them, ship them, and give you your royalty!

This book contains links to 12 password protected videos walking you through the Merch by Amazon platform. An additional 7 videos will teach you basic Photoshop.

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Will It Fly?: How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money

Stop rushing into businesses born from half-baked ideas, misguided theories, and other forms of self-delusion. A lack of proper validation kills more businesses than anything else. As Joel Barker says, “Speed is only useful if you’re running in the right direction.” Will It Fly? will help you make sure you are clear for takeoff. It answers questions like:
-Does your business idea have merit?
-Will it succeed in the market you’re trying to serve, or will it just be a waste of time and resources?
-Is it a good idea for you?
-In other words, will it fly?

Chock-full of practical suggestions you can apply to your business idea today, Will It Fly? combines action-based exercises and real-world case studies with anecdotes from the author’s personal experience of making money online, hosting successful podcasts, testing niche sites, and launching several online businesses.

Will It Fly? will challenge you to think critically, act deliberately, and dare greatly. You can think of the book as your business flight manual, something you can refer to for honest and straight-forward advice as you begin to test your idea and build a business that takes off and soars.

In five parts, Will It Fly? will guide you through the validation of your next business idea:
-Part one, Mission Design, helps you make sure your target idea aligns with and supports your goals.
-Part two, Development Lab, walks you through uncovering important details about your idea that you haven’t even thought about.
-Part three, Flight Planning, is all about assessing current market conditions.
-Part four, Flight Simulator, focuses on the actual validating and testing of an idea with a small segment of a target market.
-Finally, Part five, All Systems Go, is for final analysis to help you make sure your idea is one you are ready to move forward with.

What people are saying about Will It Fly?

“Pat has done the perfect job of inspiring, teaching, motivating and guiding new entrepreneurs through the most important part of the business building process… the fundamentals. However, he goes further, taking us on a journey of discovery, confidence building and support – all with a healthy slice of reality! If you want to get started in online business the smart way, you need to read this book.”

-Chris Ducker
Bestselling Author of Virtual Freedom

“People love to dream, imagine and hope. But even great ideas without action and execution never get off the ground—they don’t change the world or your bank account. This book will help identify your ONE sentence, your ‘unfair advantage,’ and a plan of action to make your idea fly. Spectator or pilot—you get to choose.”

-Dan Miller, New York Times bestselling author, 48 Days to the Work You Love

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