Do you know you can make money with your cellular phone? That’s right, your cellular phone. More and more people are using their their mobile phone to access the internet every day. It is estimated in four years time, mobile phone will exceed personal computer as the device of choice in accessing the net.  The mobile marketing gold rush has already started. If you have no idea of how to make money with mobile marketing,  you’ve come to the right place!

Internet marketing has been around for close to twenty years now and yet mobile marketing is still in its infancy.  Not a lot of details is available as to how one can market profitably using one’s cellular phone. Not all people use their cellular phones to access the internet yet. However, the trend is changing exponentially. In USA alone, there’s will be close to 70 million mobile internet users by the year 2013.   If cellular mobile marketing is something new to you, you owe it to prepare yourself  for this great money making opportunity. Subscribe to our free mobile marketing newsletter now!

You may wonder where most of the mobile traffic come from. A lot of it comes from a group of mobile ad platforms such as Admob and Adfonic. Google recently acquired Admob which shows that the mobile web is in deed where the action is. At present it is still relatively cheap to start a PPC pay per click campaign. It is therefore important to act now before you miss the boat.

There are several ways to monetize cellular phone marketing. CPA cost per action is the most popular way to profit from this traffic. Email marketing and pay per call are other options. There are companies such as OfferMobi that specialize on mobile only traffic. It is important to note that North America still lags behind Europe and Asian in terms of mobile marketing acceptance. Some of best mobile marketing customers are located in places like Kuwait and Australia.

You must do split testing with different ad platforms in order to identify successful and profitable cellular phone marketing opportunities. One thing is for sure. The next gold rush has already started. What are you waiting for?